Sustainability is about pioneering better business 
that looks like business as usual.

Implementing long-term strategies that are better for people, profitability and the planet -- it takes equal parts visionary thinking and data-driven competitive strategy. 

About Adam Freedgood

Adam is a sustainability specialist applying a practical, disciplined outlook to organizational challenges:   
  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY - energy efficiency, building portfolio analysis and minimizing waste streams
  • PRODUCT & PROCESS INNOVATION - green design, metrics for management and performance evaluation 

  • RENEWABLE ENERGY - comprehensive planning from cost-benefit analysis through implementation on- or off-site
  • RISK ASSESSMENT & MITIGATION - strategies for quantifying and reducing enterprise risk from environment and policy 

  • CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - cost-neutral corporate community leadership 
  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES - management structure, training and building a sustainability culture

  • RESPONSIBLE MARKETING - high-impact, creative, transparent green marketing and reporting
  • STAKEHOLDER COMMUNICATIONS - maximizing price power and competitive leverage of sustainability initiatives

Get in touch

Contact Adam to discuss planning for your organization's sustainable future.  Opportunities include:  speaking engagements, presentations to managers, boards and C-suite teams, Sustainability360 opportunity assessment, renewable energy project due diligence, green marketing strategy and sustainability reporting. 

Ways to connect
  • Connect via Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more
  • The Greenophobe -- Adam's sustainability blog tackling current issues in sustainable lifestyle, management, green business opportunities, environmental economics
Adam Freedgood

Background & Sustainable Business Approach

Adam draws upon a diverse international business background to create strategies where priority #1 is driving secure long-term revenue.  

His work is built on extensive in-company experience including international business development, client revenue planning, manufacturing and product innovation, corporate strategy, creative direction, direct marketing strategy, communications and sustainability planning.    
Sustainability strategy is not the lone endeavor of a single organization.  Adam connects stakeholders across business networks to leverage supplier relationships, B2B customers and end-user impacts.  

Through a customized revenue-positive approach, sustainable operations are well within the reach of up-and-coming organizations and established industry leaders alike.